Basketball Referee Tutor App

The Basketball Referee App is for Basketball Referees using FIBA rules. It provides quick access to rules, quizzes, videos and is available for Android and iOS.

Ref Tutor, for Basketball Referees, provides easy access to Resources and Quizzes for basketball referees, with new features planned for the future.

If you are revising for an exam, or want to keep sharp on the rules, you can get quick access to resources directly from the FIBA website. Once downloaded, documents and quizzes are cached for rapid access, even without internet access, making access faster and reliable where ever you need it. – Please note, as videos are hosted on YouTube, you need a connection for those to run.

Useful videos and web links provide access to recommended viewing, including videos demonstrating charging, blocking, travelling etc.

Getting Started.

Once downloaded, it is recommended to update the Quizzes (using the hamburger icon on the home page), to fetch the latest quizzes and resources. 

Once updated, just click on the menu item you want to get going.

If you have any issues with documents downloaded, then you can always open the resources page and Clear Cache (from the hamburger icon menu). You can then download a fresh copy.


Roadmap & New Features

The app already includes placeholders for Match Log – This is a work in progress. If there are specific new features you would like to see, then please email us at

Note: New features and roadmap items are subject to change and are not guaranteed before release.

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